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Facebook experience they
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Facebook Applications

Facebook applications are essential to a cohesive, effective brand strategy on social media. They are a great way to showcase your unique content as well as acting as a perfect platform for campaigns and competitions. Influence Media are passionate about crafting engaging Facebook Applications that drive interaction and boost fan engagement.

Facebook Applications: Perfect for campaigns

Running a new campaign? Consider Facebook Applications. A well-executed Facebook Application amplifies your message and invites more fans to engage with your brand. Media rich content and interactive elements ensure that your audience is hooked beyond merely liking and sharing your posts.

Indeed, Facebook Applications should be a core foundation of any brand campaign, giving your users a place to engage with your core message.

Facebook Applications: A platform for competitions

Leveraging your fanbase on Facebook with a competition is a great idea – and what better way to pull it off than with a Facebook Application? Invite your fans to take part, which they can do without heading to an external website via your custom-built Face- book Application. Facebook Applications create interactive, engaging communities right on your brand’s page, maximising the number of fans who take part.

Integrate Facebook Applications into your business practices

Every business can benefit from effective, custom-designed Facebook Applications. Influence Media is experienced in the development of high-utility Facebook Applications that are proven to boost user engagement and bring new fans to your page. Our proven process for building Facebook Apps is simple and effective:

Collect customer information

Whether you are looking to offer a sign up form, a cash-back offer, warranty submission or a social media competition, Facebook Applications can get the job done.

Build user engagement

We look at demographic and psychographic factors to pinpoint your target market, and then use these factors to reach them through Facebook Advertising.

Increase fan numbers

We determine what content your audience wants to receive and inter- act with. We develop this content in a targeted, effective manner.

Build your database

Our skilled graphic designers and web developers create a professional Facebook page that communicates the look and feel of your brand.

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