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Chris Baxter

SEO Strategist and Director

Role at Influence Media: SEO and B2B Strategist

Chris has many years on search engine optimisation and business to business development experience. Since the Google released HummingBird, he has been fascinated by the growing correlation between social media and SEO. Chris works to develop overarching strategies that allow clients to generate the most SEO leverage from the high quality content that they create.

What does Chris think about social media?

Chris is for once happy with Google’s decision to take social media into account when determining the relevance of pages for search queries. Although it is unclear what the exact relationship between social media and increases in search engine rankings is, we do know that there is a positive correlation and how we can create systems to take advantage of changes.

Chris’s Passions

Chris is a serial entrepreneur, having a stake in a variety of start-ups and established companies in Sydney, as well are around the world. On top of that, Chris loves spending time with his family, playing golf and frequenting Level 6 at Ivy. He also likes cooking but is not as much of a good cook as Max.

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