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Rivuu - Social Media Content Approval Screenshot

We would like to announce our partnership with Rivuu– the social media content approval system. In most agencies it can be challenging to get all the different people involved in the content creation and approval process to work together in an efficient workflow. This is all before the client has even seen your content.

There are people such as community managers who write the copy, graphic designers who produce the beautiful branded images and senior managers who review the content before being sent to the client. It has long been a bottle neck at social media agencies, finding the most efficient way to manage the content creation process and we think we have found the solution with Rivuu.

What does Rivuu do?

Rivuu allows community managers to select the social media platform they want to post to, they can then put in other information such as:

  • The time and date
  • Design instructions
  • Any files that need to be attached

They can then choose whether they want to send the post to a graphic designer to add an image or send it directly to management or the client for review. The manager or client can then see exactly what the post will look like online before it is approved or rejected. Here is a screenshot to illustrate the point:

Rivuu - Social Media Content Approval Screenshot

Rivuu – Social Media Content Approval Screenshot

The platform is flexible, allowing any agency or in-house structure to create a workflow that is suitable for them.

Here is a video that explains how Rivuu works in a nutshell:

You can sign up to a 14 day free trial and there is a free version being release early 2016. For a most through list of the features of Rivuu, check our their features page.

Let us know your thoughts.

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