Who are Amway Australia and New Zealand?

Founded in Michigan in 1959, Amway (short for American Way) expanded to Australia in 1971. It wasn’t until May 2010 that Amway Australia & New Zealand (Amway ANZ) launched their Facebook presence (and various sub brand pages).

What did Amway ANZ want from Social Media?

Amway sought to use social media as an extension of their digital marketing department, and to open two-way communication with their various market segments. As Amway do not engage in above-the-line advertising, the social media team had to get “creative” as they could only use organic channels. The goal was to grow a community of like-minded Independent Business Owners (IBOs). Through Facebook, Amway would announce new products, promote charity work, inspire, motivate, and update fans on news and current events, whilst providing IBO’s with professional content to aid in their own social media marketing plan.

Social Media Results for Amway

A combined total of 32.27% increase in Facebook fans for Amway ANZ’s Facebook pages in a mere seven months – all obtained without the use of above-the-line advertising. Yes we are proud of our work.

What did we learn?

Social media doesn’t always need advertising to be a success, by effectively nurturing a community and creating genuinely interesting content, it is possible to rapidly grow an online community.