Who are Bessemer Cookware?

Bessemer Cookware is an Australian owned, personalised direct selling business. The business success is based on a quality product and our people and the unique one-to-one relationships they develop with their customers.

What did Bessemer Cookware want from Social Media?

Bessemer Cookware has rejuvenated its brand awareness through the development of their social strategy. The social strategy revolved around a content plan and regular engagement campaigns, designed to grow the audience and keep them entertained.

What did we do Bessemer Cookware?

The graph below shows how a $1,500 advertising budget grew Bessemer Cookwares page likes by 3,500 in just a few weeks.

What did we achieve for Bessemer?

Through keeping followers continually interested by running weekly mini competitions, we were able to increase the level of engagement on the Bessemer Cookware Facebook Page we were also able to increase the number of “Likes” and web traffic to the company website.