Who are Cancer Council NSW?

The Cancer Council NSW is a community funded cancer charity dedicated that works to raise money to fund the fight against cancer. They work towards preventing cancer, driving cancer treatment and cures and well as support for those affected. They have beenaround for 50 years and each year they raise millions of much needed dollars.What did the Cancer Council NSW want from Social Media?
The CCNSW is a large and well known charity, consequently they have a close to 100,000 fans and followers on social media. What they wanted to monetise this large audience and create an additional revenue stream in an innovative way. The idea was headed up by Mikael Kreuger, head of Digital Revenue Generation.

What we did for them?

From our experience and research, user on Facebook have low conversion rates when driven from Facebook to external websites. Hence we wanted to make the donation journey as pleasant as possible for the user, in order to maximise donation. We ended up creating on of Australia’s first Facebook Applications that allows users to donate directly to charity through Facebook via their credit card or PayPal account.

The user would then be able to share their donations with their friends and encourage them to make a donation as well.

What was involved in the application?

The application had to meet the specifications of Facebook, Donation Laws, CCNSW regulations and integrate with PayPal. The application ended up containing the following features:

  • Integration with the CCNSW Database: The CCNSW was able to collect data on the users, such as name, email address and more, allowing follow up campaigns
  • Custom CMS: We developed a customer content management system to allow CCNSW to change the look and feel of the application quickly and easily to allow them to use the application for multiple campaigns.
  • PayPal Integration: Allowing users to make donations with their PayPal accounts, ensuring that the majority of the population would be able to easily donate.
  • Share-ability: The app regularly encourages user to share their donation with their friends and family, reaching a larger audience and driving users back to the donation application.

The application sits on the Cancer Council NSW Facebook back, feel free to check it out as well as make a donation whilst you’re there: Cancer Council Facebook Page