Reach your customers through Pinterest Marketing!

If your business has visually appealing products or services, then Pinterest is a platform you cannot afford to ignore. Pinterest allows your customers to create an online scrapbook of your products and services, then share them with their friends or some of the 600,000 plus Australians who use the platform each month. Additionally, when Pinterest marketing is combined with an overarching social media marketing strategy, there can be significant increases in website traffic and improvements in SEO.

How we make Pinterest Marketing a success:

There are variety of steps that we take to ensure that we are not only using Pinterest Marketing to allow your customers to share your content, we also work towards driving targeted traffic to your website. This is our 6-step approach to achieving Pinterest Marketing success:

Research your industry and market

Develop a content plan and communication schedule

Optimise your website to encourage users to share your content

Pin and coordinate content

Manage interactions with the audience

Review, optimise and report

If your business has visually appealing content, then Pinterest is a platform that you simply can’t afford to miss out on. Our Social Media Strategists can tell you how your brand can make Pinterest a success for your business.

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