Get new customers with Twitter Marketing:

Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that is growing in popularity in Australia. Twitter Marketing offers businesses new ways to connect with customers, which have been previously unavailable. It is very important to understand that Twitter is not appropriate for all businesses and before you can achieve success on this platform, your business will need to develop a Twitter Marketing Strategy!

Benefits of investing in Twitter Marketing?

There are many benefits to Twitter Marketing and all can be achieved with the right plan and resources. If some of the following benefits of Twitter are appealing to your business, then it is a great time to start strategically engaging your customers and business partners.

Reach new customers
There are a reported 2.1 million monthly Twitter users in Australia alone, statistically speaking, there are potential
new customers for your business on Twitter.

Improve Search Engine Optimisation
Although it is not 100% clear exactly what the relationship between SEO and Twitter is, we do know that there is a positive correlation between Twitter and improving the search engine rankings of a website. We know that providing links on Twitter to your audience not only increases traffic that is driven to your website, there can also be an improvement through search engine rankings.

Inform customers of updates
Twitter can act as a press release medium, allowing businesses to inform their audience, in real time, of business updates. For example you can run short term promotions, such as a short term sale, due to oversupply of a particular product.

Customer Feedback
Many customers provide feedback through the medium in which they are most comfortable. Hence, many Australian consumers choose to provide their feedback on products and services through Twitter. This allows businesses to improve their offering and attract more customers.

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