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Social Media Consulting:

Drive your business to business marketing through social media

We have found that clients that need social media consultation come in all shapes and sizes and operate across many verticals. Consequently, the requirements of each client, varies significantly. Hence, we offer social media consultation to determine how best we can assist your business in defining and reaching your social media marketing objectives.

By reviewing the internal resources of your business, your social media consultant will define what steps will allow you to reach your goals. These options can include in-house management, developing campaigns and competitions, selection of appropriate software, outsourcing the management of social media and more.

Social media consultation has four steps:

Step One: Initial fact finding meeting

In our initial meeting, we work with the client to determine what they are doing in marketing in a holistic sense. We review your industry, competitors and target market, as well as to get to know the ins and outs of your business. It is important to understand what makes your clients and customers make a purchase decision that relates your products or services.

The initial consultation takes 45 minutes and uncovers many opportunities for your brand, allowing us to determine what factors should be analysed in Step Two.

Step Two: Develop a social media strategy and action plan

In Step Two your social media consultant will develop a social media strategy for your business. We review the main aspects of a successful and professional social media presence and prepare to meet with the client to review each aspect.

A social media strategy includes:

  • List of recommended platforms
  • Content plan suggestions
  • Branded content suggestions
  • Activation plan
  • List of social media integration opportunities for your business

Step Three: Conduct Client Workshop

Your social media consultant will run though our social media strategy, showing the client how best to manage social media internally. They will review your available resources and work towards developing a customised roadmap for your social media success that can be implemented internally.

Step Four: Social Suggestion Report

From all the information gathered from conducting research and the client workshop. Your social media consultant will prepare a list of suggestions and specific actions that the client should undertake to achieve social media success. The client can choose to implement these suggestions themselves, or choose to have the consultant assist them with implementation.

Social Media Opportunities:

Systems Recommendations:

  • Content Development
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Internal Social Media Integration
  • Social Media Tools and Software
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