Social Media Marketing Package

Whether you know exactly what you want from Social Media, or you don’t even know where to begin, we can help!

There are certain aspects that every professional and successful social media presence needs. We have used our experience to develop a social media marketing package that includes everything your business needs to achieve your marketing objectives through the mediums of social media.

Over our years of working in social media industry, we have everything you want from social media, in one package:

Step One: Develop a Customised Social Media Strategy

We determine how to make social media work for your brand. Our strategists work with you to determine what your brand wants to achieve in social media. We then research the strategies and specific tactics that will be implemented to achieve these objectives.

Your social media strategy can include:

  • Objectives you want to achieve
  • What social platforms should be used
  • A content plan and communication schedule
  • Creative campaign and competition ideas
  • How success should be measured

Step Two: Launch your Social Media Presence

We build and grow your platforms and develop the social media presence your brand needs to achieve your objectives. Your Social Media Strategist works with your personal Community Manager, Graphic Designers and Web Developer to make your social media presence stand out, whilst still reflecting the look and feel of your brand.

Activation of your social media presence includes:

  • Creation of Social Media Platforms Development of Competitions
  • A content plan and communication schedule Launch of Facebook Advertising
  • Activation of Campaign

Step Three: Manage and Optimise Your Social Media Presence

Once your social media presence is up and running, it is time to determine what content your audience is interacting with. The last and continuous aspect of your social media package, is about analytically reviewing the results of your content plan, and optimising to better achieve your social media objectives. We also review how other metrics are tracking, such as clicks to the websites and increases in follower numbers.

Managing and optimising your social media presence includes:

  • Proving the client with an analytical report
  • Reviewing the report to determine which actions should take place to better achieve the predetermined objectives
  • Presenting findings to client and implementing the results of those findings
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